Paint and Pixels – Visit us on September 4/5/6

“Paint and Pixels” will be showing on September 4th/5th/6th at the Avondale Gallery. Invitations will be sent out in early August  to Friends of Front Room Art.

“Paint and Pixels”  is a joint exhibition of Judy Gilley’s gouache still lives and Kim Valdez’s iPad paintings from the Amazon.

Kim and Judy will both be present to discuss their work, and Kim will be pleased to demonstrate drawing on the iPad.

More about the exhibition
The traditional medium of gouache is combined in Judy’s paintings with a bold design element that explores unusual juxtapositions in domestic interiors.

Kim’s iPad prints bring the domestic into dialogue with a concern for the fragility of nature in the wider world .

Printed with archival inks on Hahnmuhle German Etching paper, these digital prints are derived from drawings made on the Ipad using the Brushes app. This app allows images to be built up from a variety of sources. I have scanned and included original pen and ink or pencil drawings I made on my visits to the Amazon, as well as photographs I took there.

The final image is made from multiple layers – one layer being the drawing I have made directly on the Ipad.
Each layer on the iPad can be treated separately in terms of transparency, colour and relationship to the layers above or below. The final composite image is one possibility amongst hundreds that I as an artist choose to print.

This image collection, which is  titled ‘Wilderness’, represents our ambiguous and potentially disastrous relationship to nature. Orchids today are one of the most popular houseplants, and my drawings were made from these. On the other hand are the real rainforests and wilderness places where Orchids originate, and these, like the layers of drawing on the iPad, are being transformed and disappearing from view.