Albert Turpin – Sorry- this exhibition has been postponed- we are hoping to show it in 2018

The Hackney Empire by Albert Turpin

The Crouch End Gallery is planning an exhibition of paintings by Albert Turpin to coincide with the publication of his memoir. Albert 1900-1964 was an artist, a window cleaner, a political activist and a fireman. The exhibition will show the range of his work with many now historic views of London’s East End. 

‘Why give a man a fifteen stone body, the temper of the story-type Irish navvy, with the face of a fighting pug, and then implant a tiny seed of melancholy, a tiny seed but enough to bring tears when an old piece of music is played or a poem read’

Alongside his paintings, Kim Valdez will display her Acrylic Sculptures inspired by a photograph of Albert and the quotation (above) that she came across in the book about the East London Group  ‘From Bow to Biennale’.