Swinging Out into the Imagination now closed

A joint exhibition by Rob Verrill and Judy Gilley
Saturday and Sunday 19/20th November 10-5pm at the Avondale Gallery

Rob Verrill is a well–known North London art teacher and artist who describes painting ‘as a journey of discovery, taking risks and not being sure where you going to end up’
Judy Gilley is an artist and curator who established the Avondale Gallery in 2013. The Dovedale Arts Festival showcased her paintings of Derbyshire in June 2016

‘Ivon Hitchens and other influences’ – an illustrated talk
Sunday 27th November 10.30-1pm at the Avondale Gallery

Ivon Hitchens, considered one of the finest British landscape painters of the twentieth century has been, amongst others, an influence on Rob’s journey as a painter. His abstract landscapes have also had a profound effect on Judy’s work. Rob and Judy will discuss his and others’ influence on them. The event will also include a short film and an illustrated talk on Hitchens.

Places are limited, tickets £5.00 email avondalegallery@frontroomart.co.uk to reserve your place.
Coffee and pastries from 10.30
Raffle of book on Hitchens
Sale of Christmas cards